Zebra - Mechanical Pencil DelGuard 0.5mm axis Color Black

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・ Protect the core. Write much In writing, to protect the core so that it does not break even from no matter how strong pen pressure of every angle. With respect to the paper surface, and join the vertically strong pen pressure, spring built into the shaft prevents the crease missed the core in the upward direction. When applied to a strong pen pressure diagonally, and metal parts of the tip comes out automatically and guard wraps the core. The two mechanisms will operate to adjust the allocation automatically according to the power of the angle and strength to join. (From the state ※ not out core is, you may break and write to knock more than four times.) Prevent-core jam also By mounting the components to induce a sharp core inside the shaft, it has never blocked off by a few short core. By that you can use without having to worry about the core breakage or core clogging, in important situations, such as every day of study and test, you can concentrate on the user to write in peace. "Delgado" provides the best performance. 0.5mm core Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Resin PET Case