Nobby by TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer NTCD40AU Gold

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  • Beauty Collagen   - For healthy scalp and beauty hair growth. Beauty collagen consists of collagen & negative ions which is Tescom's unique technology.
  • 1600W and 1.4 m3/min powerful airflow - The powerful airflow drys your hair quicker without the high heat which burns your hair.
  • Triangle Negative Ions - Negative ions comes out from 3 outlets which form triangle. 
  • Foldable handle   - For easy storage.

  • Detachable inlet mesh   - Washable parts

  • Scalp care switch   - Scalp care function (60oC), gentle for your scalp.

  • Cool Shot Switch - Quick cold blow to finish and set your style.
  • Double energy ion control dial   - Adjustable negative ion output double energy ion air outlet

  • Made in Japan