Marna - Water Flask Brush White

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It is a brush with three functions that can wash the lid and drinking mouth of a water bottle clean every corner. ● Sponge hard to reach complicated shapes that are uneven and easy to wash "Sumi brush" ● Packing that is difficult to remove is also easy to remove "Packing removed" ● Get in a narrow groove and scrape dirt "Clear brush" Heat resistant temperature: 80 ℃ 【メディア掲載情報】 It was introduced on February 15, 2018 Nippon TV "Hirunandes!" 2018年1月26日 朝日新聞「商品ファイル」コーナーで紹介されました。 About 25x 134 x 16mm Material / component: Main Unit / polypropylene Charcoal Brush / Saturated polyester resin gap Brush / Nylon line / Stainless